I was getting home from school, I came out of the car to find my dog Kahlua suddenly starting ┬áto limp. As carefully as I could I lifted her up and drove straight to the vet and told her the story. The vet was shocked when she heard my story because I have a small car that wouldn’t be likely to break my dogs foot. Later in the day the vet called me and told me that my dog had popped her paw out of place.”How in the world did she do that!” I told the vet in shock but luckily the vet knew how to pop it back and I rejoiced happily.


My Dog

Hi my dog Kahlua is what I named this website I love her that much.

She has always comforted me when I was sad so I dedicated this to her. I love dogs so much and I think they are mans best friend I hope you enjoy the rest of our time together thank you!